“Rodent models are valuable research tools for fast ageing investigations”

Ageing is a complex, multifactorial process that is influenced by different biological pathways.  The identification of ageing modulators will play a key role in influencing longevity.

Rodent models are valuable research tools for fast ageing investigations, besides laboratory mice are the fastest ageing mammals exhibiting different physiological, functional and pathological changes with age. To provide a maximum life span data, our experts allow animals to live as long as they can, under as little stress as possible. For a more accurate maximum life span determination we set strict criteria to establish the end point of each animal. BestoPharma’s veterinarian and scientific experts perform daily examinations on the mice to minimalize unnecessary suffering and distress.

Note: Some of the material in this page was taken from: Chen-YuLiaoBrian K.Kennedy; Chapter Five – Mouse Models and Aging: Longevity and Progeria. Current Topics in Developmental Biology Volume 109, 2014, Pages 249-285